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Our first travel box is now available for orders! In this first box we have created immersive experiences capturing the rich culture of Paris. We are striving to balance immersive experiences with local products from Paris. Through close collaboration with our partner brands we have been able to bring down the price for you, to the remarkable £29 for this first box! It's less than the price of a one way ticket to Paris by train.

Eiffel Tower

What's in the Box?

Short answer: a wonderful experience.

We only create a limited number of boxes for every trip.
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Paris Box

The Sweet chocolate

Matthieu, Paul and Vincent, the three founders of Le Chocolat des Français are determined to reveal the French chocolate know-how to the world. They go look for the best ingredients and artisans of France to serve you unique flavours. Meanwhile, to bring their humorous and quirky style to these incredible chocolates, they call in talented artists to design the packaging. One single rule: “your best representation of the French culture”.

by Le Chocolat des Francais

Voluptuous velvet chouchou

Eunoia is a young parisian brand created during the first lockdown in France. Their fabric comes from Montmartre and from recycled clothes. Currently, all the production takes place in their workshop in the 7th arrondissement of Paris (near le Bon Marché). Soon, velvet and silk ready-to-wear will be available on their e-shop. It will be limited collections, as they wish to create unique products. Their production is fully French and they only work with partners who are able to guarantee ethical production methods.

by Eunoia

Busy bees honey

In 2017, Apis Civi was the only honey house labelled "made in Paris" and received the "médaille de la ville de Paris" from the local government. Their honey from Paris, tested with no pesticides, and produced from an exceptional variety of species of flowers including lindens, horse chestnuts, locust trees and sophoras Japonicas providing its unique taste. Today Paris counts 2,000 different species of trees and flowers that are being foraged by their bees thanks to the location of their hives — these are some busy bees!

by Apis Civi


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We always deliver high quality products (many handmade in Paris) at great value (up to 50% less than retail).

The Paris box is sold out, subsrcribe to secure your next trip!


Baguette Tradition

Roll up your sleeves and bake your own french baguette tradition from our special recipe! "Baguette" is such a French concept that it is governed by law in France. According to decree 93-1074 of 13th of September 1993, the baguette de tradition Française may only be baked using the following ingredients: wheat flour, water, yeast and salt. There are a couple of sub-clauses allowing very small deviations from the regulation, mostly concerning types of flour. Traditional baguettes have to be made on the premises where they are sold. They cannot be frozen and additives or preservatives are banned!

by Bluto

Natural candle

Natural, made in Paris in soy wax & Grasse fragrance, these candles are an eco-friendly alternative to perfume your interior! Scenting your home with zero waste is no longer a challenge! Every candle is made in a glass that already had a first life. The materials that make up the candles: soy wax, coconut butter, shea butter and almond oil are natural and healthy and improves the air in our homes. Each production is sold in a limited quantity only. The candles are hand poured in a workshop in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.
Welcome to Paris, the City of Lights!

by Le Karithé


Delicious nougat

The nougat is made by a team of passionate craftsmen of the Compagnie Générale de la biscuiterie, their company offers a whole range of cookies, confectionery and chocolates. Made from selected flours and using butter from Poitou Charentes (French Region), their biscuits are super tasty without any additives or other colorings. Their nougats are treasures still unknown to the general public. Some Palaces and great pastry chefs from all over the world (Pierre Hermé, Ladurée, Patrick Roger, the George V ...) have until recently maintained the secret — now we spread the word, enjoy!

by Compagnie Générale de la biscuiterie

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Our boxes are fully vegetarian with ethical items only. Rest assured, in the box, you get more than you pay for.

The Paris box is sold out, subsrcribe to secure your next trip!

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