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Our new travel box is now available for orders! In this Barcelona box we have created immersive experiences capturing the rich culture of Barcelona. We are striving to balance immersive experiences with local products from Barcelona, Spain.

Sagrada Familia
Barcelona Box

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Exceptional Olive Oil

Palacio Oliaxi with a really fabulous and unique Olive Oil. Their Extra Vigin Olive Oil is called: "We, the Legend". It is a Gourmet international award winning Olive Oil, of exceptional quality, with full natural flavor, fresh authentic taste, unique aftertaste and flavor sustainable over time. Healthy, rich in bioactive ingredients, with high nutritional value. Quick and easy to use. Suitable for every day cooking and for professionals. They have their own crops (single estate), in La Roda de Andalucia, a Village in the province of Sevilla (Comarca de Estepa). The place is really special because of the climate conditions, and also because of the very special soils, that brings us this fantastic product, fresh and authentic "liquid gold". They offer top quality 100% organic certified products.

by Palacio Oliaxi

Rustic-style Piquito

The classic Spanish, rustic-style piquito. Served everywhere and loved by all. The one that you'd most likely be served with tapas in any bar. Typically served as an accompaniment to meat, cheese, Patatas Bravas, other tapas and paella, 'piquitos' originate from the south of Spain, but can now be found all over the country.

by Piquitos Rubio


Salt Petals & Parpika

Smoked paprika made in spain NATURESPECIAS CB. is a family company dedicated to spices and saffron world since 1980, having more than 30 years of experience. LAYBÉ is their brand. It comes from the names of their two daugthers. The salt petals are seasoned, by hand, with sweet Spanish paprika from the Murcia region. It is very useful in: baked potatoes, eggs, omelettes, rice dishes, meats, octopus, seafood, sauces and stews. In Spain’s La Vera region, farmers harvested and dry the chiles over wood fires, creating smoked paprika or “pimentón de La Vera”. The peppers selection and right smoking process are the basic ingredients to obtain a fine Smoked Paprika, highlighted in its intense red color, aroma and flavor.

by Laybé, NatureSpecias

Delicious Turrón

Traditionally, turrón is a popular Spanish Christmas sweet made principally from honey, sugar and almonds. The quality of Turron de Alicante and Turron de Jijona is regulated by a 'Denominación de Origen' which only gives its seal to manufacturers using traditional ingredients and production methods - an assurance of quality for the final consumer. In particular, the quantity of almond in the mix is required to be above 60% for a turrón to be classified as DO. In addition, genuine turón only uses Spanish almonds rather than cheaper and inferior imports. Real Spanish almonds are expensive and are the main contributor to the high price of turrón. Manufacturers of inferior products have therefore sought to manufacture turrón with a low proportion of primary ingredient and generally using imported almonds. If you're looking for the genuine article, make sure the turón you buy is recognised by the 'Denominación de Origen'. Turron de Alicante (sometimes called 'turrón duro' or 'hard turrón') is prepared with whole chunks of almond and egg white and is cooked until hard and brittle

by El Artesano


Olive Tapenade

Even though the traditional tapenade is not originally from Spain but from France, in Catalonia, from the classical period, they use arbequines olives for olivada. This is a spread for which there are references in Latin, Catalan and in the Middle Ages, and is still very popular. It is worth mentioning that the tapenade is considered to be a superfood, since it is made with very healthy ingredients that are good for the body.​

by La Cuna Conservas

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The Scent of Barcelona

Solid soy wax or waxbar air freshener, handmade and adorned with botanical elements. Ideal for perfuming any drawer or closet. An accessory for your home that you can place or hang in the black cotton ribbon. — 100% soy vegetable wax. Vegan Friendly. Phthalate free. Eleven People is a small candle making and sustainable lifestyle products studio created in 2019 by Nicolás García and Carlos Martinez.

by Eleven People

The Look of Barcelona

Trencadís is a Catalan term that literally means “chopped” and is the name for this artistic method that was popularised in 20th century Catalan modernism by artists like Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol, Trencadís is a mosaic-like effect, achieved by cementing together random shards and pieces of broken chinaware, piece by piece like a jigsaw. Sometimes other materials are used, like glass, buttons or shells.

Barcelona has unique architecture shaped both by history and more recently by prominent globally renowned architects such as Antoni Gaudí. The Catalan architect certainly used the innovative Trencadís technique extensively and transformed it into one of his most signature techniques, which he applied in many of his architectural creations in Barcelona.

We have included a mosaic experience in your travel box!

by Gaudi

The Taste of Barcelona

The nature of tapas should mean that manners and protocol are forgotten in a flurry of sharing, finger-using and general 'digging in'. This is the essence of what tapas are all about. To perfect your journey to Barcelona, we have included the key ingredients to make a very special and unique tapas night. We have also included our favourite recipes to share with you the pleasure of sharing.

tapas pic
tapas pic

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